Lunch Counter

Located in the Heart of Cajun Country in New Iberia, Louisiana, Bon Creole Lunch Counter is known for it’s signature overstuffed PoBoys.

The Cajun Friendly staff at Bon Creole have perfected the unique Cajun  flavors in all items on their menu. While some believe that Cajun means “HOT”, Bon Creole’s staff will serve you food that is “Flavorful and Enjoyable”.

The old style atmosphere of the building with its country wooden plank tables, antique displays scattered within will put you at ease as you enjoy your meal.

While serving homemade soup, homemade gumbo, overstuffed poboys, seafood bakets, chicken baskets, homemade burgers, Bon Creole also serves some of the best Daily Plate Lunch Specials found along Bayou Teche. 

Open Mon-Sat 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
Sun 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (BBQ Only)


Bon Creole Dinner-1-300
Bon Creole Dinner-2-300
Bon Creole Dinner-3-300
Bon Creole Dinner-4-300
Bon Creole Dinner-5-300
Bon Creole Dinner-6-300

Bon Creole Seafoods, Inc.
1409 E. Peter St.
New Iberia, Louisiana 70560